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Workplace Wellness

Invest in your employees with customized health and wellness initiatives offered both on-site and remotely. Let’s talk about what we can do for your employees, which could include:

Wellness Workshops
Engaging, interactive workshops designed to get your employees thinking and inspired to prioritize their health in ways that fit their lives.

12 Week Health & Wellness Challenge
This challenge was designed for co-workers who want the structure of a challenge, the support of a team, and the freedom to choose their own goal. It’s a combination of information, action plan, and accountability rolled out over 12 weeks, with weekly on-site coaching opportunities.

1:1 Coaching
On-site or remotely, individual coaching sessions are a real investment in your employees and your company. Clients can attest, when they’re healthier, they’re happier. And when they’re happier everything experiences an upgrade, including work performance.

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